"See Sea Flap-Flap swim and splash. "

"See Sea Flap-Flap whirl and crash."


Come with a lovable stingray named Sea Flap-Flap, and her five colorful pups, while exploring the ocean all day before settling down for bed. They search for food, play with friends and nap on the soft ocean floor. Watch Sea Flap-Flap and her pups vibrantly come to life in this adorably illustrated rhyming book.


What kinds of food will they find?

What new friends will they meet?

What activities do stingrays do?

What shape is a stingray?


Find out in this adventurous, exciting and educational story!


Brittany Youngblood's first book, Sea Flap-Flap, is written with hopes of expanding the reader's imagination and growing their love for reading. With beautiful, whimsical and brightly colored illustrations, this is a book that will engage parents and children alike. The story is easy to read with its lyrical rhyming and has an underlying theme of positivity throughout. It is a unique and captivating story children will want to read over and over again; a story they will treasure for a lifetime.


There is a page in the front to dedicate the book to your little one with their name, as well as a "Meet The Author" page in the back that shares the author's inspiration for writing children's books. Get matching Sea Flap-Flap sticker sheets and more to go along with the book on www.brittany-youngblood.com


You won't want to miss out on inspiring your precious little one's imagination with this creative ocean tale.






Sea Flap-Flap, a Children's Book (Paperback)

  • Product Info

    8" x 10" softcover children's picture book, 24pp

    Great picture book and early reader book for ages 0-8.